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  • Your e-mail address & name will be placed on the membership list of the AppleSiders announce only LISTSERV.

You may have access to AppleSiders electronic system: SidersTalk.


  • The biggest benefit to belonging to AppleSiders of Cincinnati is the members.
  • Members helping other members with questions, issues and problems. This is done through monthly meetings and our two-way Listserv called SidersTalk.
  • We can often help you with you specific issues one-on-one, especially at our iLearn S.I.G.
  • Monthly meetings with programs of timely topics about computing using Apple products including Macintosh, iPhone, iPad etc.
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) members may attend any and all SIGs. Currently we have the iLearn SIG. More info.

AppleSiders Mailing Address:

 AppleSiders of Cincinnati, 2502 Airy Court, Cincinnati, OH 45239

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